We’re on a uest for creative humans,
writing, strategic or digital thinking ones.
People, up for something uncommon, ballsy,
determined, curious people.
People who read..
in their
Creatures that will raise their voices
in name of great ideas.
Fearless of failure.
For they know risk makes great.
Seeking the uncomfortable
in any
Call it an
through 4 very different agencies.
Or a reality check
you won't find in any textbook.
We call it

Are you?
The aim of the program is to educate advertising enthusiasts on how to best collaborate through different disciplines where there is less room for ego and more room for creativity.
4 agencies select one trainee each. On January 5th 2015, the first class of 4 will start working separately for a 3 months period at each agency and then rotate after every 3 months. A professional coach will guide and train them.

Application deadline: November 30. Candidates pitch to the agencies.
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